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OOC Information
Player Name: Owen
Player Age: 26
Player Contact: AIM: Aircommanderp, Plurk: Jolta
Player/Character HMD: Here!
Other characters in game: Drift

IC Information
Character Name: Misfire
Character Canon: OU Transformers. IDW
Character Age: Several million years.
Character Gender: None
Canon Point: After the Remain In Light arc.
Character Canon History: Here!
Character Personality: Misfire is canonly one of the biggest failures in Decepticon history. According to the D.J.D., he is one of the six worst 'Cons, and we're not talking about "worst" as in people to avoid. No, I mean "worst" as in he's just bad at being a Decepticon. He's got real issues with staying focused on one thing for a very long period of time and is prone to accidents, having been described as having "ADHD" or some Cybertronian form of it. He's also incredibly chatty, he's probably more useful in talking his way out of a situation than he would be in a fight. If he hadn't been named "Misfire" for his horrible aim, he probably would have been called "Motormouth" instead!

While at first he does seem unattached to people in general, a second glance would show he does appear to be somewhat fond of his fellow scavengers. As awesome as friendship is, though? He's even more attached to the idea of surviving! Being alive is good! For example, he's not above drinking the inner-energon right out of corpses and taking parts from the dead bodies as needed, living up the title of a scavenger. This is even true when one of his comrades, Flywheels, ends up dying; Misfire had no hesitation in regards to taking useful parts of the corpse as well as whatever fuel was left in the body. There's obviously a few screws loose with this guy, though as far as common sense goes, he does seem to have enough to have a powerful instinct to live. A canonical look at this is when he does say they should run away from a potentially dangerous or strange situation rather than sticking around to invest in what's going on.

Still, when push comes to shove, Misfire does still bear a loyalty to his fellow scavengers and will stand to fight with them. He does attempt to save his ranking officer despite the... failed attempt in doing so. There is SOME sense of commitment in him in that sense; despite his often wry and quirky commentary on his teammates, he does go out of his way to try to protect them.

Foremost, he does listen to Krok as he is the ranking officer in the group, more so, he does look to him for guidance, asking permission, even jokingly about things. Example being when they find the fallen Decepticon warship, he asks Krok if he can keep it. While at first he seems to have a low opinion of his team, he relies on them for what he lacks, and holds no real ill-will for them. Even to the point of being incredibly easy to please, deciding that he likes Fulcrum after exchanging only a sentence with him.

While his exact motivation is difficult to pinpoint due to his energetic and typically impulsive nature, Misfire self-identifies as a survivor and is willing to do just about anything to live, hence why he siphons fuel from corpses of other Cybertronians. Being part of a team composed largely of mechs who have been left behind in the war doesn't really allow for many luxuries -- that is to say, none at all. As such, Misfire and the others have found themselves largely comfortable with picking off of the dead and whatever has been abandoned by others.

The biggest interest he seems to have is living and getting back to Cybertron itself, but more mysteriously Misfire has an interest in attempting to hunt down the (possibly) mythological Necrobot. Misfire's exact motive in finding the Necrobot has yet to be revealed, but often has been shrugged off as another eccentric quirk of his as he has been extremely unsuccessful in his search.
Character Abilities: Transforming into a jet, being a spectacular disappointment.
Character Inventory: A gun which he should not have, a few cubes of energon.
Interaction Sample: Here!
Third Person Sample: Well this could be definitely worse. This could be so much worse, in fact, he came out of a worse situation. Captivity is really only captivity if it's a step down on the food chain, which this really doesn't seem to be. Being safe and out of the way of the D.J.D. is an immediate plus, but waking alone on a planet full of gross gooey organics is pretty freaky.

He rifles through the pamphlets but finds himself quickly bored. It will be much more interesting to just go and accost the first person he sees for more, less obviously stinted information. Hopefully the rest of the crew is here. It will be his first priority, even perhaps above finding something to eat. Perhaps being the operative word there. Despite his lackadaisical approach to just about everything, Misfire does have his moments of clarity and what might be defined (in the right light, if you squint) as wisdom. Even if his survival instinct and need for fuel often end up at odds with each other.

He elects to keep a relatively low profile outside of finding said first encounter and showering them in questions. Only if the aforementioned encounter is smaller and not intimidating or armed. Even then, he'll probably err on the side of caution and let the questions rain from a safe, ample running-away distance.


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